Lavish Touch is a complete one-stop shop for all your exterior and interior design needs. We are a modern and futuristic company that is always willing to provide our customers with new and improved techniques to provide them with exceptional service.

  • Exterior Architecture:
    Lavish Touch offers its customers exterior architecting with the use of cutting-edge technology. With our new, unique, and innovative ideas, we make sure to formulate a futuristic yet exceptional architecting design.
    Interior Design
    Whether you want your home, office, or any other place’s interior to stand out. Lavish Touch offers its top-class Interior Designing Services for every market from residential to commercial. With our experience and expertise, we provide solutions for all your interior designing needs such as; complete renovations, servicing or complete remodeling, etc.
    3D Modelling
    Lavish Touch is a futuristic company and is always willing to find new and modern ways to provide its customers with the best service possible and 3D Modelling is no exception. With complete 3D Modelling solutions for all your interior and exterior designs, you can be at ease to review the final product before it even begins.
    3D Animation Walkthrough
    One of the best ways to represent the rendering of the project is through 3D Animation Walkthrough and Lavish Touch got you covered. With exceptional knowledge and technology, we are pleased to offer our customer with 3D Animation Walkthrough which eliminates any error that may be caused and provide you with the perfect model for your project. 
    360 Virtual Tour
    If you want to gain first-hand experience with your interior or exterior modeling, Lavish Touch provides the facility of a complete 360 Virtual Tour for your projects, so that you can experience and analyze the project with every small detail in Virtual Reality. 
    Residential, Commercial & Hospitality Projects
    We provide services and solutions for every exterior and interior design project regardless of the market. So, it does not matter if your project is residential, commercial, or any other, if there is a need for exterior or interior service we have got you covered with experience and expertise in completing various projects from numerous markets.

Space Planning (2D Layout)
With our expertise, we offer our customers space planning facilities. Our Space Planning 2D layout makes it possible for our customers to view the planned design in a 2D layout through which they can analyze the circulation pattern and space available after the completion of the project. With our vast experience, expertise, and professionalism, we make sure that our space planning is precise and accurate inch by inch, so you can be at ease.